Turn your business idea into reality without any prior knowledge.

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Turn your business idea into reality without any prior knowledge.

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Can’t wait? Start at Your Own Pace Today

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Welcome to Startup 
School for Seniors

We are Suzanne and Mark — two experienced entrepreneurs with over 10 years of experience between us helping people start successful businesses.  

We're passionate about empowering the over 50s to turn their lived or work experience into profitable businesses.

In 2020, we were fortunate enough to receive support from a charitable trust, which enabled us to create Startup School for Seniors. Since then, we've won awards, been featured in national media and on television, and most importantly, helped countless older people achieve their dreams.

Our group-based programme, fully sponsored for UK residents, has been incredibly successful. However, we know that not everyone is eligible for this programme. That's why we recently developed a new, self-paced version of the courses, designed to reach thousands of people, just like you, over 50 who want to turn their passion into profit.

With Startup School for Seniors, you'll learn how to transform your lived or work experience into a successful business that you're passionate about. Our self-paced course is affordable and flexible, and we're committed to providing you with all the support and resources you need to succeed.

Join us today and start manifesting the life you desire.


How are we different from the others?


Are you tired of feeling left out and overlooked because you don't fit the traditional mould of a startup entrepreneur?


Do you feel like existing startup programs are geared towards a younger crowd, leaving you feeling exhausted and frustrated?


Do your caring responsibilities mean you require a more flexible approach that suits your available time?

You're not alone.

We understand your struggle because we've been there too.

We come from unconventional backgrounds and don't have an MBA, but we have decades of experience both as entrepreneurs and helping others turn their ideas into successful businesses. We've been through the ups and downs and know what it takes to make a business succeed.

What sets us apart is our approach.

We know that not everyone wants or needs a high-energy program that leaves them feeling more drained than energised. As two individuals over 50, we understand the value of a more thoughtful and intentional approach. We believe in working smarter, not harder, and we know that this approach is just as effective, if not more so, than the traditional high-intensity approach.

If you're tired of feeling overlooked and undervalued, we're here to tell you that there is another way.

We offer a unique approach that values experience and wisdom and understands the challenges that come with starting a business later in life. Don't let your age or unconventional background hold you back any longer. Let us help you turn your idea into a successful business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mark and Suzanne have helped hundreds of individuals aged 50+ years learn the essential skills they need to start a business.

While we come from very different backgrounds, we’ve both ‘been there and done it’. Both over 50, we have both worked for ourselves for over 50 years collectively (!). That’s a whole lot of learning.


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