Our Vision

We want older people to be able to manifest the life they desire in whatever way they choose.
Whether it’s turning a hobby or passion into a business, becoming a consultant, or simply wanting
to keep your brain active by joining a community of older current and soon-to-be business
owners, we want to see you succeed. Let us provide you with the support you need.

The Founders, Mark & Suzanne

Mark and Suzanne have helped hundreds of individuals aged 50+ years learn the essential skills they need to start a business.

While we come from very different backgrounds, we’ve both ‘been there and done it’. Both over 50, we have both worked for ourselves for over 50 years collectively (!). That’s a whole lot of learning.

Startup School For Seniors
isn't like other programs out there


You are being taught by relatable instructors who have been there and done it for themselves. We're not academics, but people with lived experience running businesses.

We have designed the course to be done at a pace that suits you and made it fully accessible with captions and transcriptions.

We won't make false promises. Starting a business requires putting in the work and solving a genuine problem. We make sure you have the key ingredients you need

Loads of inspirational case studies. Our bonus materials include many examples of people over 50 who have chosen and succeeded in multiple careers.

We speak your language. We won't patronise you or use words you don't understand - so no matter what your education level, we believe in you.

Suzanne Noble,
the ‘Connector’, PR guru


Suzanne spent over 20 years working as an entertainment publicist for household names such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, Gladys Knight, and many more. Her agency was responsible for launching Harry Potter on DVD. For six years, she worked as a freelancer for the children's TV series LazyTown as their global PR & Marketing Director. In 2018, she resumed her singing career and, alongside co-founding Startup School for Seniors, performs jazz and 'dirty blues' in London's clubs and pubs. Her TikTok channel, Sex Advice for Seniors, has been featured in the UK's Metro, the Sun, Independent and further afield, such as Brazil and Poland!

Mark Elliot,
Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur


Mark is a leading business coach and advisor who has supported multiple young designer-makers through his relationship with Goldsmiths and the business support services he provides to local councils such as Hammersmith & Fulham, Barnet, and Haringey. Mark's first business was as an online art dealer, and he has a passion for helping creatives realise their ambitions. He says, "My sweet spot is founders who know their subject matter but are still determining how to achieve sufficiency, sustainability, or growth." Many of Mark's clients have gone on to win awards, export internationally, and achieve recognition for their innovation.

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